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With over 10 years of research expertise, our team has effectively supported businesses within the Industrial and Manufacturing sectors in the UAE, delivering valuable insights and strategic guidance.

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Battery Assembly Plant
Li-Ion battery assembly plat feasibility study and business plan, Includes startup costs, Capital Expenses and Overhead estimation
Plastic Recycling Factory
Starting from location analysis, government subsides, material and labor cost estimation and sales projection
Packaging Manufacturing
Financial analysis of a packing material manufacturing plant in UAE. Production process analysis, financial projections.
F&B Industrial Business
food processing and packing feasibility study. Estimating market size and potential, sales forecasting and payback period
Metal Fabrication
Worked on the market size estimation, competitive analysis and pricing strategy for Steel, Copper and Wood manufacturers

Covering All the Needs For Your Startup Business Plan

Detailed and Certified Feasibility Study & Analysis

From Market Research, Demand Forecasting, Competitive Analysis, To Startup Costs and Operations

Business Analysis

Business Model Canvas

Value Propositions

Key Activities

PESTLE Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Market Feasibility

Industry Overview

Primary Market Research

Market Segmentation

Competitive Analysis

Demand Forecasting

Competitive Advantage

Marketing & Sales Strategy


Pricing Strategy

Advertising Plan

Marketing Goals & KPIs

Timeline & Budget

Human Resource Planning

Employment Plan

Organizational Chart


Administrative Costs

Technical & Operational Feasibility

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

Real Estate requirement

Recruitment and HR

Financial Feasibility

Startup Costs

Sales Forecasting

Operational Costs

Breakeven Analysis

Investment Metrics

Certified Business Plan Reports

Our Research Process

Our research process combines primary and secondary methods to provide a comprehensive view of the market landscape.

Data Analysis: Quantitative and qualitative data undergo rigorous analysis using advanced statistical tools and qualitative coding techniques. The synthesized findings yield actionable recommendations.

Validation and Quality Assurance: Rigorous validation ensures the reliability and validity of findings through cross-referencing data from multiple sources and employing quality assurance measures.

Research Design: Our mixed-methods approach combines qualitative and quantitative methods to capture both the depth and breadth of market dynamics.

Primary Research: Competitor Interviews: Direct interviews with key competitors yield insights into their strategies, strengths, weaknesses, and market positioning, maintaining confidentiality.
Subject Matter Expert Interviews: Engaging industry experts provides nuanced understanding of trends, technological advancements, and potential disruptors.
Vendor Interviews: Assessing supply chain, pricing structures, and partnership opportunities through interviews with key vendors.

Secondary Research: Online Sources: Extensive analysis of reputable online sources, including industry reports and news articles, gathers current and historical data.
Previous Reports: Reviewing existing market reports extracts valuable insights and identifies trends.
Offline Publications: Examination of trade journals and conference proceedings offers additional industry-specific knowledge.
Government Publications: Incorporating data from regulatory bodies ensures compliance and comprehensive market understanding.

Our Team

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    Strategic thinker dedicated to driving organizational transformation and performance improvement. Over 8 years of global consulting experience in developing innovative solutions to complex business challenges.
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  • Hafeez M.
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