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Our Valuation Methods and Practices Guarantee the Most Accurate Value for Your Business
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From Commercial, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Real Estate to Retail and Entertainment in the UAE
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Get a Valuation Based on The Latest Best Practices in The Financial Industry

What Our Valuation Report Includes

Executive Summary

Assets Appraised (“Subject Assets”)

Valuation Methods

Economic Perspective

Conclusion of Fair Market Value

Company History and Overview


Products and Services


General Economic Outlook

Economic Growth

Consumer Confidence

Consumer Spending & Inflation

Financial Markets


Monetary Policy & Interest Rates

Industry Overview


Industry Evolution

Regulatory Environment

Valuation Approaches

Cost Approach

Income Approach

Market Approach

Operating Enterprise

Cost of Capital

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Real Property Value Summary

Valuation Approaches

Buildings, Land

Real Property Value Conclusion

Our Process

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